Heirloom Tomato® Livingston’s Ideal エアルーム・トマト・リビングストンズ・アイデアル | Heirloom Tomato Farm


Heirloom Tomato® Livingston’s Ideal エアルーム・トマト・リビングストンズ・アイデアル

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Heirloom Tomato® Livingston’s Ideal
◆19世紀にアメリカで最大のトマト品種のブリーダーであったAlexander W. Livingston アレクサンダー・リビングストンによって慎重に選抜され1930年に初めて紹介された。
Introduced by us in 1930. "A Red Globe." Strong, healthy plants ; medium-sized, globe-shaped fruits. Clusters set close making increased yield under glass. 63 days.

Livingston's Ideal (A Red Globe)
For the past five years we have been working on this new variety, having in mind the development of certain qualities which go to make up an ideal greenhouse Tomato and also one which would do equally well outside. We are now pleased to offer to our customers, for their approval, Livingston's Ideal, which we feel sure will very quickly become one of the leading standard varieties. It has a strong, healthy plant and shows no signs of blight. The globe-shaped fruit is of medium size, bright scarlet with firm flesh and about same season as Bonny Best. Fruit clusters set closely on stalk, thus increasing the yield under glass. Because of the very uniform size and shape of Ideal, we believe it should serve exceptionally well for green wrapping.

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¥550 tax included