Heirloom Tomato® Crystal White エアルーム・トマト・クリスタル・ホワイト

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Heirloom Tomato® Crystal White
◆1940年にPeter Hendersonによって作出されたホワイト
◆1947年のPeter Hendersonのカタログでは以下の様に紹介されています。:
Pure Alabaster White as Tempting and as Delicious as it is Beautiful
With the development of *his, the latest and most startling vegetable novelty that has been introduced in many years, we have completed the object of our aim and labors, which date back to the introduction of Henderson's Golden Ponderosa in 1914.

Crystal White possesses all of the merits and qualifications that have made Golden Ponderosa increasingly popular since its introduction. The character of its growth is quite similar in many respects to that variety. It is just as vigorous, and develops into a large sized plant with a plentiful supply of foliage, like a typical Ponderosa. The fruit is produced as freely and it is by far the most attractive that has ever been originated. The color is a lovely alabaster white that appeals to all who see it. There is no trace of red in this variety.

The firmness of Crystal White is due to its meatiness, which quality also characterizes its desirability for slicing. Its flavor is all that can be desired; a mild full richness which appeals to all. Furthermore, it is possible with this variety, for people who are allergic to tomato poisoning, to enjoy Tomatoes to their heart's desire, without any ill effects. This is -due to the fact that it contains less acid than any other variety.

Crystal White possesses eye appeal to a degree that will insure its popularity wherever grown. When served sliced either alone or in combination with a red variety such as Richmeat, its tempting appearance will instantly arouse fagged or jaded appetites. The present vogue of white table arrangements finds a worthy and valuable ally in this new fruit. A salad composed of frosty white slices of Crystal White with a background of other white salads, will prove to be a masterpiece of culinary temptation. Season 85 days from plant setting. Supply of seed limited.
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¥550 tax included